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Simon Nestler, Marcus Tönnis and Gudrun Klinker - 2009

Common Interaction Schemes for In-Vehicle User-Interfaces

In this paper different interaction schemes which are currently implemented by major automotive manufacturers have been identified and analyzed. Complete overviews on all in-vehicle user-interface concepts are rarely spread. This paper gives a deeper insight in interaction schemes and user-interface concepts which are implemented in current cars. Additionally an expert review with 7 experts was performed to get a first impression which user-interface interaction schemes work well in the in-vehicle context. In order to get an impression of the suitability of the interaction schemes for the development of usable in-vehicle user-interfaces we performed different tests. The results are reported in text and tables.

Cite as: S. Nestler, M. Tönnis, G. Klinker: Common interaction schemes for in-vehicle user-interfaces, The 13th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI International), 2009