Timing Concept for Assistance of Anticipatory Driving

Darya Popiv, Mariana Rakic, Klaus-Josef Bengler, Heiner Bubb and Simon Nestler

Driving maneuvers are supported by advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) within the limits of currently available on-board sensors which recognize driving situations. The recent emergence of new sources providing additional traffic information poses further outlooks on the extension of the anticipation horizon of driving assistance systems. This paper focuses on the timing aspects of ADAS. The presented concept identifies the proper point in time for presenting anticipatory information to the driver. The timing concept is based on early anticipation of driving situations by the system and correctly timed activation of the driver assistance which supports the driver in performing phases of deceleration.

Cite as: D. Popiv, M. Rakic, K.-J. Bengler, H.Bubb, S. Nestler: Timing Concept for Assistance of Anticipatory Driving, 17th World Congress on Ergonomics (IEA), 2009