Interacting with Activity Streams

Simon Nestler, Benjamin Elixmann and Stephan Herrlich

Whereas activity streams are intensively used in the Web 2.0, they are not well established in the context of enterprises, yet. The user centered activity stream concept has to be modified before it is efficiently usable for enterprises. Simple and effective information classification and filtering is essential for assessing specific pieces of information in enterprises. As soon as the first enthusiasm about enterprise 2.0 fades away, integration of existing business processes becomes a crucial part of usable activity streams. We achieved first research results so far which go along with several interview reports and analyses. In the future standardization could simplify the interaction with existing tools by the means of activity streams. We expect that the way how enterprises use specific tools will become even more important.

Cite as: S. Nestler, B. Elixmann, S. Herrlich: Interacting with Activity Streams, In: Eibl, M. & Ritter, M. (Hrsg.), Workshop-Proceedings der Tagung Mensch & Computer 2011. überMEDIEN|ÜBERmorgen. Chemnitz: Universitätsverlag Chemnitz, pp 115-118, 2011

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